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Indian Doll

Indian Dolls – Toy Review

Dolls are one of the oldest toys that are played by children. They played a central role in educating a child about the traditional rituals and also they are the representative of deities. Indian dolls are also one of the most famous toys that are played by the children. Indian dolls with saree or with Indian suit represents our cultures, traditions, and rituals. In this blog, we “The Unboxing Toys”… Read More »Indian Dolls – Toy Review

Foosball Game

Foosball Game – Review

Today, we are giving our reviews to Foosball Game. Foosball game invented by  Harold Searles Thornton from the United Kingdom in 1921. (Retrieved from Wikipedia). In each row there are defenders, midfielder, strikers.  The main objective of this game is to score a predetermined goals (in this game you have to score 9 goals in order to win. In this review, the following things are covered: 1. About the Product. 2.… Read More »Foosball Game – Review

Snake Rubik's Cube

Snake Rubik’s Cube – Review

Welcome again, Today we are reviewing Snake Rubik’s Cube. Rubik’s Cube are always fun to play and they are a productive way to keep your mind busy and active. In this Rubik’s cube Review, we are going you present the Following things:  1. About the Product 2. Features  3. How to Solve this cube. 4. What we Like  5. What we Dis-like  6. Our Rating and Buying Links  Snake Rubik’s… Read More »Snake Rubik’s Cube – Review

Fishing Game – Review

Fishing Game is always loved by kids. Generally, it is very hard in the daily life to find ponds, river, lakes, etc. to do fishing activities with your kids. The only solution is the fishing toys that are meant to be played at home with your friends and family.   Introducing the Fishing Baby – A Fishing Game for the kids This Fishing Game comes with the following things: 1. The… Read More »Fishing Game – Review